Water for Weight Loss and Health

Unbelievably, water is the only natural wonder weight loss product. We all take water for granted. We are too busy looking for miracle potions and remedies and drugs to take a second at look at one of the most common and ordinary compounds that we cannot do without, water. It plays a great multi-dimensional role in our lives. And an important dimension pertains to its help for permanent weight loss.

Water is a natural appetite suppressant. It helps in the metabolism of the stored fat in the body. This fact has the support of scientific studies, which prove that water deficiency in the body causes the rise in its fat deposits. If you drink more water, the body’s fat deposits dip. A scientific explanatory support to the role of water in regulating fat levels in the body can be given, quite easily. When water deficiency occurs in the body, the kidneys cannot do their work well without enough water supply and the liver rushes to help the kidneys in their function. In the process, the liver is obliged to leave behind some of its own work, which is to metabolize the stored fat into the energy that the body needs. The net result is obvious: increase levels of fat in the body.

Since water is essential for survival, if you do not drink enough water, the body reacts by holding on to every little drop of water that is there in it and retains it in the spaces outside the cells (extra-cellular spaces), with the result that you have swollen limbs. While diuretics help in releasing this trapped water, and therefore reducing the swelling but the condition will return not long after. Ironically, drinking more water is a better solution to the problem of water retention in the body. Additionally, perhaps, you may have to reduce your salt intake, for discouraging your body from retaining water in this way. This is because the excess sodium coming into the body through excess salt intake is usually the main culprit for water retention. Therefore, drinking more water and taking in less common salt is essential. If you allow, water retention in your body, your weight increases. Drink more water for weight loss.

Water prevents dehydration. Your muscle tone improves, your skin grows healthier and softer, and your body sheds its waste products better, if you drink plenty of water. For getting rid of constipation, water is essential. It aids the passage of food through the digestive tract and helps the bowel movement.

It is true that drinking too much water causes many health problems for the brain, the heart, the muscle and so on. “Water intoxication” may cause dizziness, nausea etc. It is equally true that drinking too little water also causes many other problems. You must know, therefore, how much water intake is good for you. Most health care professionals and weight loss experts advise you to drink about 2 ½ liters of water per day. However, during days of hot weather, you should drink more. Also, when you do a lot of physical activity or exercise, your body needs more water. It is better to drink cold water, as it burns more calories, and helps you to lose weight.

Remember, most foods and drinks that you consume have water in them. Follow the golden rule about water intake for health and weight loss: not too little, not too much, but enough.