Super foods for great health: Spirulina

Spirulina has been used for centuries to nourish those in South Africa and is now used in the Western world because of its many benefits. By definition, it is a micro algae which is 60 percent vegetable protein, however, it does have many other beneficial components too including iron, Vitamin B12, beta carotene and iron. It is one of the health foods that has received interest and studies by scientists and is showing to have some remarkable benefits on the health.

Spirulina contains 10 times more beta carotene then carrots do, which means that even if you don’t eat the recommended five portions of fruit and veg per day as long as you are eating spirulina in your diet you can be sure you are getting enough of this much needed substance, which is essential to help build up the body’s defenses.

Spirulina has one of the highest values of protein, which includes all the essential amino acids without having to worry about the calories, as there are just a few minimal calories in spirulina. Another component of spirulina is a product called Gamma linolenic acid, this is only found in mother’s milk and is said to give babies an excellent start in life. Spirulina is the only natural substance that replicates this product.

It can also help to build strong bones and a strong system, along with iron, spirulina contains trace minerals and magnesium and is also one of the highest forms of the Vitamin B12. B12 is valuable in keeping the nervous system under control and in good health.

Spirulina is also one of the easiest forms of supplements to take and taking as little as five mg a day can prove to have substantial effects on the body. It is available in both tablet and powder form and can be taken with, before or after meals on a daily basis, it can also be mixed with fruit juice.

Those who firmly believe in the product and its beneficial effects have said that from the moment you start talking it you immediately begin to feel a difference. Because digestion is the one of the biggest processes that occurs within the body when we eat the body will automatically send the majority of the blood supply to help the digestive organs. However, while this is essential for the digestive system it can leave the body feeling very sluggish and tired, however spirulina can be taken as a liquid and when taken this way it has the effect of nourishing the body and giving it the vitamins and minerals the body needs just the same as when you eat food but it doesn’t give you the sluggish feeling.

One of the biggest pluses of growing spirulina is that acre for acre it gives more nutrition than other food possible can and it doesn’t erode or pollute the environment in which it grows, which means its not only excellent for the body but also for Mother Nature.