8 Great Ways to Last Longer in Bed

Is your relationship lacking in the bedroom? Sometimes, despite a good solid relationship outside the bedroom, when it comes to bedroom activities, many are left disappointed or feel that they have disappointed. For all those who wish they could last longer in bed or that there partner could last longer then here are some excellent tips and advice keeping the romance alive.

While it might only sound like common sense, slowing down while making love is one of the best ways to last longer in the bedroom. Foreplay is essential and the longer you take with it, the longer you will last, lots of kissing, touching and caressing will go down great and help to make the experience more sensual and in turn heighten both you and your partner’s pleasure. Enjoy and experience every single touch and caress to its extreme. This means focusing on what you are doing and noticing how the touch feels, the different sensations the touch brings and the way it makes you feel.

Make sure that you are breathing deeply and evenly during lovemaking. If you find your mind wandering towards non-bedroom things, focus in on your breathing and the experience that is at hand. By making yourself more aware of the moment, you will be better able to enjoy the experience your partner is giving you. Instead of focusing on the out come of lovemaking i.e. the release at the end of the act, instead focus on the actual moment and the feelings the moment brings. For example how does the touch or the caress feel, take notice of how it makes your skin feel, does it make you tingle? Take time out to learn about the different parts of the body, the more you know about the body and how it works the better the sexual experience will be.

Don’t go into lovemaking with high expectations in mind, if you have high expectations to begin with then the chances are that the lovemaking is going to fall far short of your ideas, leaving you very disappointed. On the same note, don’t go into the experience thinking that you already know exactly what the other wants. As you grow as a couple, you will enjoy different things. Never be afraid to ask what the other likes and where they enjoy being touched and never be afraid to tell your partner what you like. Sex should be open and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask about preferences. Some people are more sensitive on their backs and across their shoulders, others they find touching the feet and hands an erotic experience, others can’t stand having their feet touched. Knowing what the other wants and being open with your own desires can greatly can heighten the sensual experience and make sex last longer if you spend longer on the areas that are the most sensitive.

Finally don’t be afraid to try something new, take your time and bring sex toys into your lovemaking, experimenting with sex toys and aids is a great and fun way to make the act last longer and can bring great pleasure to both partners. For something different you could try food, whipped cream, body chocolate and fruit are all great introductions in the bedroom and are another fun way to make the lovemaking last and more enjoyable.
Above all the best advice when it comes to lasting longer in the bedroom is to not worry, worrying about how long you can last and if you will disappoint your partner is sure to ruin what should be a wonderful and pleasurable experience between two people.