Men and Depression

Depression affects men as much as it affects women. Due to social stigma, few men are willing to report it and get the necessary treatment. Since the number of women seeking medical treatment for depression outranges the number of men, depression in men is left unnoticed. It is said that about 6 million men in America suffer from depression every year. There are numerous reasons for this. Some of these include a failed relationship or marriage or even work pressures. At times the reason for the depression is unknown.

The symptoms for depression in both women and men are the same. The only difference is the way they express it. Some of the symptoms in men are insomnia, lack of concentration, fatigue, irritation etc. They also experience lack of interest in their work place or any other social activities.

As mentioned earlier, more number of women are seen visiting psychiatrist for depression related problem. However instead of seeking for medical help, men tend to engage themselves in various other activities. They try to do other activities by which they can forget the root cause of their depression. Some of these may not be healthy. Such activities are working more than usual, consuming alcohol excessively. Some men take the extreme steps of indulging in drugs or driving recklessly. These are some of the ways men use to cope up with the situation. It is well known that women attempt suicide more than men do. But statistics show that the number of men committing suicide in USA is four times than that of women.

Whatever may be the reason for your depression, it should be given proper treatment. For this, the first thing is that men should come forward and voice out their feelings in open. Self initiative is the best help. Other than that you should try for psychotherapy, or counseling. If possible look around for a support group nearby. You can also try going for a Psychotherapeutic work. It can be done individually or in a group. The advantage of doing it in a group is that you are motivated in an environment where there are several other suffering like you. You can help each other come out of the depression and face the challenge together.

You can consult your doctor for antidepressant medication. You can try different kinds of medicines and see which one can get rid of the depression. In rare cases or in emergencies, it is recommended to go for ECT (electroconvulsive therapy). If you are feeling suicidal do talk about it to someone. There are many organizations, doctors, physicians who are working for the same cause. You can seek help from any one of them.